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Why Inspired Maternity is a cash-based Physical Therapy practice

By Dr. Ashley Wozniak, PT, DPT

What does it mean for Inspired Maternity to operate as a cash-based Physical Therapy practice? This innovative health care payment method is quickly growing across many states in the U.S. as an response to the major changes in traditional medical insurance plans in recent years.

Inspired Maternity is a prenatal and postpartum Physical Therapy practice that operates as a cash-based practice. Our studio offers direct access to clients, which means you do not need to get a doctor’s referral in order to get an appointment. When you work with Inspired Maternity prenatally or postpartum, this payment method can mean a higher level of care, quality and value for you as a client.

Why higher quality?

In a cash-based practice, there are fewer reporting requirements dictated by insurance providers. What this looks like in practice is that your Physical Therapist is able to spend more time actually working and talking with you during the therapy session.

Under the traditional insurance-based model, a therapist would likely spend a fair percentage of your appointment typing out required documentation – including everything you’re telling them and everything they’re recommending for therapy.

Fewer reporting requirements also mean you can spend more time with your therapist, explaining any issues you’re having and receiving more education and hands-on treatment during your session. Basically, they’re freed up to pay more attention to you rather than their computer!

Care for you

In a cash-based Physical Therapy practice such as Inspired Maternity, our clients experience longer, more thorough therapy sessions that are 45 minutes to an hour long. There’s time for lots of hands-on work through therapy exercises with plenty of time to ask questions – without the rush because your therapist needs to get things typed up before their next client.

One thing to note is that some cash-based practices are considered “out of network” by insurance plans. If you do have a medical insurance plan, you can check with your insurance provider ahead of time to see what their out of pocket payment is for an out of network provider is, and try to get the difference reimbursed.

After your appointment, our studio can give you a superbill, including medical codes, that you can submit to your insurance provider to find out whether they will reimburse. Also, health-sharing insurance plans, HSAs and FSAs are often compatible with cash-based health care practices as well.

Keeping it local

Many cash-based health care providers are locally-owned small businesses. If supporting small, local businesses is a value of yours, then consider seeking out health care practices that are locally owned and operate under a cash-based health care practice model.

Talk about your pregnancy or postpartum goals with our Physical Therapist, Dr. Ashley Wozniak. Learn more about our studio, wellness programs and Physical Therapy offerings at

Inspired Maternity is a one of a kind Pregnancy and Postnatal Health, Wellness and Fitness Studio located in Peoria, Ill. We offer in-studio prenatal and postpartum fitness programs and Physical Therapy assessments throughout the calendar year, as well as virtual options and telehealth visits.

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