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Women's Physical Therapy


Dr. Ashley Wozniak, PT, DPT offers cash-based Physical Therapy services with a proactive and holistic approach to women’s bodies. Physical Therapy services cover Orthopedic, Sports, Pelvic Health and Prenatal/Postpartum related diagnoses. 

At Inspired Maternity, we take a proactive approach to preventing injury and improving healing of our bodies. Empowering women to be mindful of their physical bodies helps reduce extent of injuries, improves healing time frame and therefore reduces the potential need for excessive number of therapy sessions. There are times where body/posture changes occur (pregnancy/birth), or tissue damage and mobility issues develop, whether through a traumatic event or develop over time, and warrant Physical Therapy services. Dr. Ashley Wozniak, PT, DPT provides extensive education, materials and support, along with evidence based and individualized Physical Therapy services and treatment. Her passion and goal with her treatment approaches are healing, and empowering women throughout their Physical Therapy to fully engage in the healing and recovering of their bodies.  

Diagnoses that Dr. Ashley Wozniak, PT, DPT, OCS at Inspired Maternity covers:


  • Spinal Pain (Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar)

  • Hip pain related to labral issues, arthritis

  • Knee pain

  • Foot and Ankle 

  • Pregnancy related Neck, Thoracic and Lumbar Pain

  • SIJ and Hip Pain

  • Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD)

  • Pelvic Floor Dysfunction



  • Diastasis and tissue related injury from pregnancy and birth process

  • Cesarean Scar Mobilization 

  • Pelvic Floor Dysfunction 

  • Pelvic Girdle Pain/SPD

  • Spinal Pain 

  • Low Back, SIJ and Hip pain


  • Low Back, SIJ and Hip pain

  • Pelvic Girdle Pain/SPD

  • Neck and Thoracic Pain

You can schedule your Physical Therapy service by using our self scheduling app or email Dr. Ashley directly for assistance with scheduling your therapy session assessment at

You can also email or call and request a FREE 15 minute consultation phone call with Dr. Ashley to discuss questions prior to scheduling. 

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What Our Clients are Saying



Ashley gave me the most thorough evaluation I have ever had and I have a long list of physical therapy appointments in my past. The feedback she gave me was extremely helpful and it gave me the confidence and tools I needed to move forward with healing. She’s attentive, personable, and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend her.

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Laura S.

I've been doing postpartum Physical Therapy classes with Dr. Ashley the last two months and she is so kind and so knowledgeable! I still have a ways to go (baby is 3.5 months) but she and her postpartum class have helped my recovery tremendously!

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