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Birth Prep Class: Our Pelvis and Pelvic Floor

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Inspired Maternity is excited to offer for expecting mother's our 90 minute Birth Prep Class! * Learn about key changes our bodies experience throughout pregnancy, from 1st Trimester - Birth, that play a role in the birth process and postpartum healing. * Learn about how your pelvis and pelvic floor changes to prepare for vaginal birth and what we as mothers can do to help prepare our pelvic floor for a smoother birth process. * In this class, you will learn how your pelvis is naturally meant to move and position during the laboring phases of birth. Dr. Ashley demonstrates a variety of positions using the birth ball and other items that help promote the optimal positions for pelvic inlet/outlet opening during your labor. * Dr. Ashley talks through "Breathing Baby Out" mindset and why this mindset and word change is more beneficial for mothers during labor/birth. She will demonstrate and provide tips on breathing during contractions and what it truly means to Breath Baby Out NOT "push baby out." * Mothers will learn tips on how to help the uterus contract more efficiently during labor and how to help the pelvic floor relax and "get out of the way." * Mothers are provided with PDF forms to download, print and bring to your place of birth on all the education provided during this 90 minute class. PDF forms include: laboring positions, Perineal Massage and Stretching, Pregnancy Relief and Stretching Routine *We touch on perineal massage and episiotomies vs natural tearing

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