Women's Wellness Services

Women Stretching

 If you are not in need of Physical Therapy services but looking to take a proactive approach and improve some aspect of your health and wellness, Dr. Ashley provides wellness services to females of all ages and in different walks of life. Dr. Ashley is passionate about empowering women during their health journey. She understands health and wellness needs may vary for each woman. Our Wellness assessments are designed to be uniquely individualized based on each woman's health, goals and lifestyle. 

Our wellness assessment and sessions could include (but not limited to):

  • Overall full body assessment of posture and alignment, muscle imbalances, flexibility and strength, core related coordination, breathing patterns, spinal and joint mobility, movement patterns, body mechanics with functional movements and current level of fitness.  

  • Developing an exercise program/regime that best suits your current lifestyle and goals.

  • Assisting with developing a plan for a specific sport/event (eg: wanting to start or return to running, swimming, triathlons, bike fitting).

  • Appropriate body mechanics for various exercises, bending, lifting during functional activities you perform daily to decrease stress and preventing pain during these movements.

  • Basic Nutritional Education.

  • Healthy Habits Education.

  • Developing Goals.

  • Reviewing Medical Background and long term health goals.

  • Stress Management Techniques.


You can schedule your comprehensive Women’s Assessment by using our self scheduling app or email

Dr. Ashley directly for assistance with scheduling your assessment at inspiredmaternity@gmail.com.

You can also email or call and request a FREE 15 minute consultation phone call with Dr. Ashley to discuss questions prior to scheduling.