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The Core Comeback

Are you ready momma to build back a stronger than ever core and regain that confident and proud feeling with your abdominal  appearance?

Only $197!

Choose from 2 options at check out. The Core Comeback Program for $197 or Purchase the Core Comeback Program with additional support with a Core Comeback Membership for 3 months - $345. 


Let me ask you....

🙋‍♀️ Raise your hand if you still look pregnant months or years after childbirth and want to know exactly why and what to do about it!


🙋‍♀️ Raise your hand if you are in the mindset that “well I am just always going to leak and won’t have the abs I did before babies.”


🙋‍♀️ Raise your hand if you have been told by your healthcare provider, “that’s just how it is after having babies.” 


🙋‍♀️ Raise your hand if you have been trying to do workouts & cardio, and still not getting the core results you were hoping for. 


🙋‍♀️ Raise your hand if you are leaking and avoiding certain exercises. 


🙋‍♀️ Raise your hand if you are just flat out  frustrated with what you have been doing for exercise and not where you want to be with your core and strength. 


🙋‍♀️ Raise your hand if you have been seeing someone to help with leakage and core exercises, back pain, SIJ/tailbone pain or other actual symptoms “down there”  and feel like you have plateaued! 


🙋‍♀️ Raise your hand if you want to learn how to start core exercise postpartum without the guesswork of how to start & what to do (no matter how far out you are from last birth). 


🙋‍♀️ Raise your hand if you want to build a stronger than ever core and have confidence with your  abdominal appearance without the fear of “making things worse?!” 


🙋‍♀️ Raise your hand if you want to make a core comeback and know exactly what your body needs exercise wise in order to do this in a simple and effective way!

Hi! I am 
Dr. Ashley

I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy specializing in prenatal & postnatal care and an exercise correction specialist when it comes to postnatal exercise. I have spent the last 5 years not only helping moms heal their bodies and strengthen their core after births, but I am a mom that has successfully rehabbed and built a stronger than ever core for myself TWICE- about to for the third. 

Mothers Exercising with Babies

The Core Comeback

A program created for all moms, that guides you through the EXACT steps it takes to rebuild core strength, giving you the abdominal region appearance you feel confident and proud of!


The Core Comeback will leave you feeling confident in how to build a stronger than ever core, taking the guesswork out of how/where to start exercising postpartum and you will no longer look pregnant!







You do not have to live with leakage, a mom pouch that makes you still look pregnant, back and pelvic  pain! 

This Program Covers

I see and hear you momma, and I am so excited to offer this program with the core steps  so you successfully make that core comeback! So you see results and actually feel confident in your body and core strength postpartum. 

Let's Dive in Even Further

Module One (1): 360 Breathing, Rib & Spine Mobility

In the first module, you are going to learn the important of 360 breathing and how this is the #1 area to building core strength - how this sets up our pelvic floor and deep core muscles to function properly postpartum and truly build core strength.


  • Have you ever noticed postpartum that your rib cage is wider and you don't fit into your bra size from pre-pregnancy? You will learn about why and what to do about this!

  • Learn the difference in breathing patterns that are commonly seen postpartum, learn how to self assess your own breathing pattern and how to change your breathing pattern to a 360 pattern. - Learn how controlling intra-abdominal pressure with breathe work is key!

  • Lern how to breathe with exercise and why timing is so important!

  • Learn how your rib and spine mobility was impacted during pregnancy, how that effects your core postpartum & exactly what you need to do for your body- even if you are years out from last birth, stiffness and pregnancy patterns can still be present.

  • Learn exactly how to improve rib and spine mobility in the positions best for YOU!

  • Learn how to do these exercises in a functional way throughout the day to set yourself up for faster results!

  • Follow along with your own goal sheet that helps direct you through your exercises.

  • Access to detailed pdf files that you can save or print to follow along- permanent access.

Module Two (2): Posture 

In this second module, you will learn how our pregnancy posture impacts our body and core strength postpartum.

  • Do you know that your body needs help postpartum to work out of that pregnancy posture that you developed?

  • Learn how to self assess your postpartum posture and key strategies that work best for YOU to help guide your body into optimal posture for core healing and strengthening.

  • Learn why your posture and alignment is one of the top key areas that can "make or break" your ability to truly build a strong core, heal diastasis and prevent pelvic floor dysfunction

  • Learn why you need to work out of that pregnancy posture and how this, along with your breathe work, can set up your pelvic floor and abdominals to function properly postpartum. 

  • Learn strategies to set your posture and alignment for functional movements and exercises so you are making the most of your core workout- moms often come to me after they have started exercises and are frustrated with why they are not getting results- THIS IS WHY!

Module Three (3): Pelvic Floor & Abdominals

In this third module you are going to learn all about your pelvic floor and abdominals! How to start strengthening in more functional ways that lead to effective and faster results for core strength.


  • ​Learn why we need to think of our pelvic floor as a trampoline. 

  • Learn how to self assess if your pelvic floor is weak or tight and the best ways to address your specific issues! A tight pelvic floor is a weak pelvic floor.

  • Learn how to engage your deep core muscles and how to do this with breathe work, posture and pelvic floor.

  • Expanding on the rib cage and how do you strengthen your obliques- or do you need to lengthen them?

  • Learn initial core exercises timed with pelvic floor and breathing in an alignment best for your body!

  • Learn how to self assess your core region so you can always make adjustments to any core exercise or workout you do in the future.

  • Learn how to perform some of the more popular core exercises like "Bird Dog, Deadbug and Planks" properly. Many common core exercises given postpartum are good exercises, but I find performed incorrectly leading to lack of progress and frustration in moms. 

  • Detailed pdf to save and access to 4 Phase postpartum workouts alone with specific core exercises

  • Use your own goal sheet to follow along and track what you need to do to strengthen your pelvic floor and abdominals

Module Four (4): Functional Movements

In module four, you are going to learn how to make every movement intentional and set yourself up for core strengthening success!


  • Learn how to self correct your movements and posture during activities like squatting and bending (diaper changes, putting babies down in crib, playing with your other children, carry heavier objects, bathtime and more).

  • Learn how functional movements will put less strain on diastasis, help improve leakage and prolapse is done correctly!

  • Learning how to make every functional movement a core exercise. This will do more for your core strength in the beginning then isolated exercise!

Module Five (5): Pelvis & Hip Musculature

In module five, you are going to learn how to address postpartum pelvic posture and how to address muscle imbalances throughout the hip muscles- how this greatly impacts our core!

  • Learn how to self assess your glutes and if you are truly even using them correctly!

  • Strategies and the best exercises to strengthening your booty!

  • Learn how to calm the hip flexors down to better engage your deep TA muscles.

  • Learn exercises to strengthen the inner thighs and why those are weak postpartum!

  • PDF files and extensive exercises to work through hip strengthening and re-balancing all your hip muscles to set you up for that core comeback!

Module Six (6): Upper Body & Core

In module six we are diving into strengthening your upper body with your core! Our babies and children will continue to grow and we need to keep up the strength in our upper body!

  • Learn about the key upper body muscles we need to re-strengthen after pregnancy that will impact our core contractions!

  • Learn what good alignment and stacked ribs looks like during various upper body exercises to effectively strengthen our upper body AND OUR CORE!

  • Learn how to properly time your inhales and exhales during upper body exercise.

  • Learn how and when to progress with weights! Exercises are shown in various positions and with various equipment. 

  • PDF files with specific exercises to focus on upper body postural changes

  • Access to sample upper body workouts that are easy to fit in at home

Module Seven (7): Putting it all Together

In our last but not least module, you will confidently know how to put all the modules together! I run you through THREE short sample workouts that you can perform at home using what equipment you have! How to perform exercises for core benefit and strength. You will confidently know how to apply what is best for your body and core to any exercise, workout or activity you want to do!

Elyse W.

“If I could go back and do one thing over it would be finding immediate support for my body after having a baby. Dr. Ashley has been the most amazing support through her program now 6 months postpartum. She educates you on your body's structure which gives you the knowledge and confidence to advocate for yourself in the future too! For any mommas, freshly postpartum to mommas with older kids, I highly recommend this program".

Kelsey R.

"I'm so grateful I am working with you now so that I can make the most of my chiropractor's visits and truly recover and regain more core strength the right way. I feel those adjustments alone wont do me much good if I don't work on what we are covering in this program. Exercises are only effective if I am doing them with good posture and form and I have learned so much from you. I wanted to share my appreciation for it, because what you are sharing is truly overlooked in every workout, PT and chiropractic setting I have been to in the past! You're amazing!"

Kileen H.

“I am so grateful that Dr. Ashley created this online course and about healing diastasis recti! I wasn't able to find something that met my qualifications of what I was looking for in my city, so this course was so helpful. I was also able to work with her 1:1 and receive additional guidance regarding my posture and breathing. After being to previous physical therapists and being told I probably wouldn't heal my diastasis without surgery, it was so encouraging to find out there is hope!”

Get Started!

7 Modules

7 Videos that walk you through the exact steps to making a core comeback.

Over 50 pdf

Over 50 pdf forms- exercises, sample workouts, educational material & more!

Bonus Videos

More tips, strategies to workouts, and addressing your specific self assessments

Support Options

An online membership - personalized guidance & support.

Want More Support?


Join the Core Comeback Membership and get direct access to me in the Facebook Membership Support Group while you work through The Core Comeback Program!

Ask me specific questions regarding the course work, your self assessment findings and receive personalized direction and recommendations directly from me in this membership! Gain access to advancements of exercises and progressive short workouts after working through the program and while you have the membership. 

*3 and 6 month memberships available as well as payment plan options. Choose what option works for you at check out!

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