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The Core Comeback Program

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The game-changing, one of a kind, postnatal program created for all moms, that guides you through the EXACT steps it takes to rebuild core strength, giving you the abdominal region appearance you feel confident and proud of! The Core Comeback will leave you feeling confident in how to build a stronger than ever core, taking the guesswork out of how/where to start exercising postpartum and you will no longer look pregnant! 🙌 QUICKER RESULTS TO A FLATTER TUMMY AND STRONGER CORE! 🙌 NO MORE LEAKING WHEN YOU DO JUMPING JACKS OR SNEEZE/COUGH/LAUGH! 🙌 NO MORE BACK ACHES WHEN CARRYING YOUR LITTLES OR BENDING OVER TO PICK THEN UP! ​You do not have to live with leakage, a mom pouch that makes you still look pregnant, back or pelvic pain! You have access to 7 game changing educational videos on the exact steps to building your stronger than ever postpartum core. Over 50+ pdf files of educational summaries, goal trackers, all the exercises, 4 Phase Workout plans, 6 home sample workouts and more! You now have the option of purchasing the program alone OR the program + 3 month support in the membership at a discounted price when you join the membership immediately at check out ($50 savings). Join the membership and get personalized guidance and feedback as you work through the program from Dr. Ashley directly in the membership throughout the 3 months. LEARN MORE about this program here

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