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Prenatal & Postnatal Programs

Dr. Ashley Wozniak, PT, DPT offers, at Inspired Maternity Studio, programs to help keep mothers physically healthy, strong and reduce pain during their pregnancy and heal faster postpartum. 


6 Week Fit for Pregnancy and Delivery

Inspired Maternity offers throughout the year, a 6 week program, Fit for Pregnancy and Delivery  class that is held once a week for 60 minutes. During these classes, Dr. Ashley Wozniak guides expecting mothers through fitness routines and safe exercises based on trimester and current fitness level. 


What to Expect and Learn during these 6 weeks:

  • Learn about the basic anatomy and physiology of our bodies during birth, whether your delivery is vaginal or cesarean. 

  • Learn safe exercises and specific muscle groups to focus on during each trimester. There are many positions that we can strengthening and maintain mobility, and this will be individualized for each mother during classes. Exercises will also be performed in positions that best support labor positions, so you feel as strong as possible during labor. 

  • Learn proper 360 breathing, coordination of our breaths with core muscles (abdominals and pelvic floor) and how to incorporate this during exercise.

  • Learn proper body mechanics (bending, lifting, carrying, body mechanics if you are pregnant and taking care of another young child, as well as body mechanics for postpartum) to reduce excessive strain and intra-abdominal pressure through your core. These techniques can help reduce pelvic floor dysfunction and diastasis, low back, SIJ, hip pain. 

  • You will be provided additional educational material through email or google doc folder covering various topics like laboring positions, basic prenatal nutrition, evidence based education on gestational diabetes, Pitocin, natural child birth, glucose testing, and many more pregnancy related topics that mothers seek during pregnancy. 

  • You will be provided Dr. Ashley Wozniak, PT, DPT, OCS postpartum healing educational forms on both vaginal and cesarean recovery. 

Please check the schedule on our website for the next 6 Week Fit for Pregnancy Series and email Dr. Ashley Wozniak at for registration details. 

8 week 4th Trimester Rehab and Core Program

Dr. Ashley Wozniak, PT, DPT, OCS has created a unique 4th trimester program to help guide mothers in their postpartum healing journey. This program has two levels of support investment options for mothers. 

The assessment includes but not limited to:

 A detailed posture assessment which includes spinal and pelvic alignment and mobility postpartum, breathing and core coordination, pelvic floor education and proper contractions, bowel and bladder health, abdominal soft tissue and pelvic organ placement and/or restrictions, scar assessment and mobilization if cesarean birth, overall flexibility and strength, assessment of body positioning (feeding positions, seated positions, bending, lifting and other functional movements completed by mother postpartum in order to care for baby and other children), diastasis checks, education on intra-abdominal pressure management, rib cage and oblique muscle assessments, along with other necessary recovery education. 


***NEW** Voxer Support for Mother's with the "ALL IN" Investment. You can have access to ask Dr. Ashley questions throughout the week, between classes, as questions come to your mind. Receive Daily support and motivation to achieve maximal results. 

This program is 1x/wk (8 sessions) with the add on support investment option for mothers/ 


Please check in on our website for the next 4th Trimester Rehab and Core Program and details on registration. You can email Dr. Ashley directly at for further questions or a 15 minute free consultation to discuss if this program is right for you! 

What Our Clients are Saying

Maternity Yoga Private Class

B.D. (Prenatal)

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you!! I feel so much better postpartum after our second compared to first and I have a feeling your classes had some influence on that!!! After my first birth I thought there was a hole in my pelvic floor and I don’t feel that way at all this time around! And although I have a mom gut my abs do not feel like complete mush! Thank you for all the hard work!!! 

Maternity Meditation Class

Shelly B. (Prenatal)

When I found out I was pregnant with my second baby, I knew I wanted to take better care of myself than I did the first time. I registered for Inspired Maternity’s prenatal fitness program. Throughout my pregnancy, this program kept me moving and gave me energy.  I felt great! Ashley was great to work with and her program was amazing. I definitely recommend it for anyone looking to take care of themselves throughout their pregnancy. 

Image by Jenna Norman

Heather L. (Postpartum)

The 8-week postpartum fitness program was a game-changer for me. After having two babies, I tried to get help to heal my diastatis recti from other PT offices in the area but no one really seemed to care about helping me make progress. I had sort of given up until a local midwife recommended Dr. Ashley Wozniak to me. Dr. Ashley gave me hope right from the start that I could heal my diastatis with the right targeted progression of exercises! She would even give me personalized exercises to do at home between the classes so I could keep my progress going. After completing the 8-week program, my diastatis had healed significantly. I was able to get back into faster paced cardio workouts and had gotten well along the path to achieve my other postpartum health and fitness goals. I am so grateful this program was recommended to me and for the results I have seen already!

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