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Cesarean Birth Healing Program

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What to expect and learn throughout this program: * Understanding that cesarean birth is a surgery and how to properly recovery and heal from the surgical procedure itself, control inflammation and pain, incisional care, reduce risk of blood clots, & early bowel and bladder care. * Learn about the surgical procedure and the several anatomical layers of fascia, tissue, muscle and organs that are impacted by this procedure. It is empowering as mothers when we know the "what and how" so we can truly understand the "why" of the healing process- the importance of "why we need to address" certain aspects post-surgery and in the early phases of recovery. * VIDEO -Learn how to properly move with body mechanics - moving and positioning in bed, getting in and out of bed, early walking and support, sitting, breast feeding, and other functional movements "do's and don'ts." * What to expect during your hospital stay and what you need to make sure you go home understanding about your recovery. * Guidelines and expectations for healing once you return home- time frames, progressions of every day activities * Discussion on abdominal binders/braces- do you need to wear them? how long is recommended? * Learn early mobility and exercises that you can do when you return home to improve quicker healing * Incisional Care- scar desensitization and massage techniques *BONUS Video- Mindset Preparation for Birth and Motherhood AND MORE!

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