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Wed, Nov 09


Inspired Maternity Private FB Group

Healing Your Diastasis: 6 Week Online Mini Intensive Program

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Next session early January
Healing Your Diastasis: 6 Week Online Mini Intensive Program
Healing Your Diastasis: 6 Week Online Mini Intensive Program

Time & Location

Nov 09, 2022, 2:00 PM – Dec 14, 2022, 2:00 PM

Inspired Maternity Private FB Group


About the event

November 9- December 14 ($55)

Live Education on Wednesdays at 2pm (recorded for convenience if you cannot jump on LIVE) in our Private Facebook Group. 

  • Lives will be 40-60 minutes
  • Each mom will have access to Dr. Ashley's 4 Phase Postpartum Exercise Program
  • Postural pdf forms with detailed explanations
  • Access to Support Group for a total of 8 weeks and Dr Ashley will check in Monday- Friday to answer questions
  • 1 LIVE Q&A at end of the end of 6 weeks

Dr. Ashley has been successfully helping mothers heal their Diastasis Recti for years. Diastasis Recti is a natural occurrence during pregnancy; abdominal muscles lengthen as our bodies change and adapt to our growing baby. Our bodies go through postural changes during pregnancy which need to be addressed in order to heal our core and prevent or heal further pelvic floor dysfunctions. Healing our diastasis goes way beyond just addressing our pelvic floor and deep core muscles. We are going to work through all the components that truly allow moms to regain their core postpartum andheal their diastasis once and for all. 

Week 1- 360 Breathing

  • Have you ever noticed postpartum that your rib cages are wider and you don’t fit into your bra size from pre pregnancy?
  • Do you still have that lower mom pooch even though you had pelvic floor therapy, started core exercises or despite losing pregnancy weight from nutrition and cardio work?
  • Why 360 breathing is the core of healing Diastasis
  • Learn how to control intra abdominal pressure (from belly breathing and positions) that often leads to delayed healing of diastasis. 
  • Retraining and timing our inhales & exhales with our core and pelvic floor in funcitonal ways
  • How to create more spine and rib mobility to improve 360 breathing
  • Examples in various positions and how often to work on breathing throughout your days

Week 2- Pelvic Floor & Core Retraining

  • Thinking of our pelvic floor as a trampoline versus your everyday Kegels
  • How to engage your deep core muscles without other muscles helping (which can lead to delayed diastasis healing)!
  • Learning how our hip flexors play a role in diastasis recti healing
  • How to use the rib cage to engage your obliques and why your obliques are important for diastasis healing
  • Initial core exercises and putting it all together with your breathing

Week 3- Pelvic/Hip Muscle Retraining

  • How to use our hip muscles to get out of that postpartum posture
  • Strengthening the glutes the right way
  • Soft tissue techniques to release and improve muscle strengthening and coordination for our core healing

Week 4- How to make every movement intentional

  • Importance of posture and how to self correct posture with everyday movements in order to healing your diastasis 
  • What movements put less strain on Diastasis and how to do everyday movements like squatting, lifting and carrying little ones (when done correctly) can healing your diastasis 

Week 5- How to make every exercise a core exercise

  • Why we should move away from isolated exercises for our core and make every functional movement a core exercise
  • How to make upper and lower body exercises a core exercise
  • How can you be realistic about getting in exercise daily

Week 6- Putting it all together - Full exercise class

Learn how to structure certain exercises together to create exercise routines at home and how to progress yourself with exercises

1 Q&A at end of program to ensure every mom has their questions answered. Dr. Ashley is able to help provide more feedback when particiaptes ask questions throughout the 6 weeks. 


  • Healing Your Diastasis Recti

    Healing Your Diastasis Recti with Dr. Ashley, PT. This is an online mini intensive program that takes mothers through the key areas to truly heal their diastasis recti in 6 weeks.

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