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Physical Therapy Versus Wellness

In the medical field, Physical Therapists have become known for their role in rehabilitation and habilitation- helping patients and clients physically heal and rehab from a specific injury, micro trauma, a disease or illness (deconditioning).

Physical Therapists are present in many areas of healthcare; orthopedics, cardiac, respiratory, pediatrics, geriatrics, vestibular, neurological disorders, women's health, obstetrics and more. We work in various settings like outpatient, hospital and inpatient rehabilitation, home health, Skilled Nursing Homes and facilities, aquatic settings to name a few.

We have become a leading profession to seek rehabilitation care.

But what about seeing a Physical Therapist for wellness, preventative services or fitness?

What is WELLNESS and what is the role of Physical Therapists in wellness?

Wellness is defined as "the active pursuit of optimal health."

The American Physical Therapy Association supports and states our profession does in fact have a role in wellness!

"Physical therapists play a unique role in society in prevention, wellness, fitness, health promotion, and management of disease and disability" - APTA, 2019

"Incorporate concepts of prevention, wellness, fitness and health promotion with every patient or client as appropriate" - APTA, 2019

At Inspired Maternity, Dr. Ashley is passionate about providing wellness services for her women and mothers- providing opportunities and empowering her clients to be proactive in their health.

Wellness is a continual health process- a life long process. We can work towards teaching optimal health to prevent physical pains and dysfunction, prevent diseases AND continue working towards optimal health following Physical Therapy services.

A mentor once told me, “As long as people continue to age, or do stupid things, a Physical Therapist will always be needed and never be without a job.”

PT programs focus mainly on the rehabilitation side of our profession. I will always remember that quote from a mentor because the first part of the quote is exactly our place in the wellness world.

Why are more Physical Therapy/PT Clinics not including wellness in their services, or even considered for wellness type services ?

Insurance Companies #1 reason.

The sole reason we have a sense of a distinction between physical therapy and wellness is because of insurance companies.

Profit- insurance companies are for-profit institutions. They make their money by cashing premium checks of their members. They avoid paying it out to providers. The more they keep, the more they profit. And the more they profit, the more their shareholders and officers make.

This is a conflict of interest for patients!

Our patients want to get better but the insurance company wants to minimize costs. Insurance companies don’t want to pay for the services that will be utilized for long periods of time.

Eg: If someone hurts their back. Insurance covers enough to resolve the back pain to a functional level. They won’t cover all the surrounding areas like the mid back or hips to further prevent back pain from occurring again.

Eg: Stress Incontinence postpartum. Pelvic floor therapy can be covered by insurance to resolve the leaking. However- to continue sessions to address breathing, intra abdominal pressure management which assists with healing diastasis and preventing prolapse - AND areas that need to be healed and addressed to prevent SUI from reoccurring…. Aren’t covered by insurance.

Hard Truth!

Insurance companies don’t have the best interest of patients and clients in mind. Their interest rests with making money!

This leaves our profession in a tough spot.

(Visit my previous blog on why Inspired Maternity is a cash-based clinic).

Adding wellness services and helping to educate patients and clients what wellness is all about….

Empowering our patients and clients to take that proactive step in their health and to continue the wellness journey of optimal health.

Iis necessary and truly in the best interest for all!

Dr. Ashley has several opportunities for wellness at Inspired Maternity.

  1. Wellness Assessments and follow- ups are available for women and mothers.

  1. Fitness classes throughout the year are offered for women, prenatal and postnatal clients.

Check out our fitness classes on

4th Trimester Rehab & Core Program

  1. Dr. Ashley has launched her one of a kind Inspired Moms Collective Membership in October of 2022. This unique membership is geared for moms and Physical Therapy health! Every month learn about topics that affect our health as mothers through LIVE education and discussion with Dr. Ashley herself, access to educational/exercise videos, pdf forms and opportunities to learn from other expert professionals. How often to do get to have a Doctor of Physical Therapy at your finger tips to learn all about your health and body during pregnancy, postpartum and beyond?! REAL MOM HEALTH. REAL MOM SOLUTIONS. REAL MOM SUPPORT! REGISTRATION-

Inspired Maternity in Peoria is a one of a kind Pregnancy and Postnatal Physical Therapy, Wellness and Fitness Studio located in Peoria, Ill. We offer in-studio prenatal and postpartum fitness programs, Physical Therapy and Wellness assessments throughout the calendar year, as well as virtual options and telehealth visits.

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